Michael has been managing Savannah Auto Trader since 2014. He grew up in Savannah, GA then decided to expands his horizons and live in San Diego, California, later he relocated to Tampa, FL. He loves the beach. He came back to Savannah and started this company. He enjoys music, fishing and spending his afternoons with his family.


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Sales Puppy

Bruno (named after ‘Bruno Mars’) joined the family in February, 2016. Since then he has filled Michael and Elisa with joy. He is an Airedale Terrier full of love and enjoys meeting new friends, running at the Dog Park and of course making sales!



Vice President/Owner

Elisa manages Savannah Auto Trader.  She grew up in Beaufort, SC. She moved to Savannah, GA to attend college where she graduated with a IT degree. She enjoys listening to music, spending time with her family and friends.